Monthly Archive: May 2020

Download iOS Sport Apps Walk The Distance

[iOS] Walk The Distance

Download [iOS] Walk The Distance Use your daily walking/running distance recorded from the Health app towards the Appalachian Trail. See other users completing the same route,...

Download iOS Sport Apps Kinomap

[iOS] Kinomap

Download [iOS] Kinomap Play a sport with Kinomap as it turns your bike trainer, exercise bike, treadmill or rowing machine into a powerful and fun fitness....

Download iOS Sport Apps Tacx Training

[iOS] Tacx Training

Download [iOS] Tacx Training Connect your Tacx Smart trainer to the Tacx Training App and increase your performance! Choose one of the many existing structured workouts...

Download iOS Sport Apps TrainingPeaks

[iOS] TrainingPeaks

Download [iOS] TrainingPeaks TrainingPeaks is the perfect fitness app for endurance athletes of all ability levels. Whether your goal is to run a half marathon, finish...