[Android] Moshi: Sleep and Mindfulness

Download [Android] Moshi: Sleep and Mindfulness

Join the millions of parents who use Moshi to quickly settle their kids into a peaceful, restful sleep with over 45 hours of original audio Stories, Meditations, Music and Sounds that you won’t find in any other app. Includes special guest Moshi Stories narrated by legends of stage and screen, including Goldie Hawn, Brian Blessed and Patrick Stewart. Recommended by top sleep experts and physicians.

Best Download Android Health Apps Moshi- Sleep and Mindfulness
Best Download Android Health Apps Moshi- Sleep and Mindfulness

– 97% of parents surveyed agree that Moshi helps get their kids to sleep quicker than usual.
– 95% said using the app makes bedtime less stressful.*
– Featured in “Hottest Health Trends 2020”, NBC Today Show

Make bedtime a dream:
– Remove anxiety and stress from the bedtime routine
– Reduce the time it takes for your kids to relax and fall asleep when it’s time for lights out
– Reclaim precious time in your evening

Moshi helps kids of all ages to sleep soundly and independently with over 145 pieces of completely original sleepy content created by the BAFTA winning Moshi team.

Kids love the adorable characters from the world of Moshi including:
– SleepyPaws the Snoozy Koala and his eucalyptus-fueled imagination
– Yawnsy the Sleepwalking Otter and his enchanted yawn
– Nodkins the Bedtime Bunny and her ability to hop into any dream
– Professor Feathersnooze the Owl of Nod and his twilight twit-twoo-ing 

Why Moshi Stories work:
– Moshi Stories are gentle rhyming journeys with dreamy lullaby-style choruses
– Musical transitions are specifically designed to be mesmerizing
– As each story progresses the gentle narration becomes increasingly sleepy and ambient sounds diminish
– Musical loops continue for several minutes once each story ends, before gently fading to avoid sudden silence
– Featuring ambient white noise, from vacuuming and distant lawnmowers to washing machines and lapping waves

Teach your kids the basics of mindfulness with guided meditations designed to help kids relax, reduce anxiety and manage negative thoughts.

Mindfulness topics to encourage positive emotions include:
– Kindness
– Gratitude
– Positive thinking
– Recalling joyful moments
– Staying calm 
– Patience
– Making friends
– The power of imagination
– Reflection
– Self-appreciation

Features to support a stress-free bedtime:
– Original content released every week to ensure there is always something new for kids to enjoy at bedtime
– Audio-only. No need for screens in the bedroom
– Learn deep breathing to help worries drift away
– Loop and replay functions ensure sleepy content plays throughout the night if needed
– Explore curated playlists to discover recommended content
– Create personalized playlists to ensure kids can listen to their favorite stories over and over

Each originally crafted Moshi Story, Sound, Meditation and Music track helps to calm and relax, day or night.

Proud to have received Google Editors’ Choice Award alongside apps such as Headspace.

Don’t just take our word for it…

“Best app I ever downloaded. My 7 year old asks for Moshi every night! She gets excited when we are notified of a new story, song and meditation.” – Kellie, Google Play User, 9 May 2019

“I LOVE THIS APP. It not only puts my child to sleep, but has excellent tools for practicing mindfulness and relaxation, for adults too! Also, you can’t beat a sleepy time story told by THE Patrick Stewart! ❤” – Niki, Google Play User, 8 Nov 2019

Moshi is free to download and use, and there are no ads. A subset of the content is free to use.

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