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Trifecta has been designed to be the ultimate all-in-one Fitness, Nutrition, and Tracking app.

Best Download iOS Sport Apps Trifecta
Best Download iOS Sport Apps Trifecta

As an Official Sponsor of the UFC®, The US Olympic Team®, and the 2019 CrossFit® Games we take your fitness and nutrition seriously. With over 750+ workouts and a food database with 6 million+ food items, you will have everything you need to stay on track of your diet, nutrition, workouts, and PR’s all-in-one app!

Featured in Men’s Fitness as a top fitness app

Here’s what other athletes are saying:

Amazing!!! ***** – Best app ever! As long as you can push yourself to do it the app will do the rest!

Best ***** – Best Work Out of the Day app!!! by Apb_elite

Mike ***** – The best App. Use the timers all the time when traveling and in the garage. by Doflos

Whether you are in your home gym working out, running, or weight lifting & exercising in a gym — Trifecta has you covered. Keeping you on track with workouts and offering up free challenges that will keep your fitness moving forward.

Trifecta is at its core a powerful content engine keeping all the daily fitness information you care about in one place.


• Largest Food Database – 6M+ food items worldwide.

• Barcode scanner – Easily scan barcodes to log your food with 4M+ food items scannable.

• Restaurant items – Log foods from your favorite restaurants easily.

• Quick Add – Just want to add your calories or macros for the day? Quick add them once per day.

• Personalized Nutrition – Create your own foods, recipes, and items to personalize your tracking.

• Calorie Counter – We add up your calories for the meal, day, week and month and track them by day.

• Customize your Diary – Log breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and easily duplicate meals or drag and drop.

• Water Tracking – Log the amount of water you drink throughout the day.


• Dial in your Macros – The Trifecta app will suggest macros for you to reach your ideal body composition.

• Cross-Device – Optimized for fitness on your iPhone or iPad


• Biggest Workout Library – Choose from over 1,000+ workouts programmed by celebrity trainer Brooke Ence.

• Workout Video Demonstrations – Watch celebrity CrossFit Games athlete Brooke Ence demonstrate movements.

• Hero Workouts – Extremely challenging “Hero” workouts attributed to our fallen soldiers included.

• Ultimate Workout Timers – Gorgeous Stopwatch, Tabata style HIIT Timers, EMOM & AMRAP timers.

• Log Cardio Exercises – Including walking, running, biking, swimming, yoga, Pilates and more.

• Log Strength Exercises – Including sets, reps and weight per set and your own custom workouts.

• Live Training Video Feeds – Video Feed to add your favorite workout channels from YouTube.


• Charts and Graphs – Keep yourself motivated and on track with graphs of your improvement over time.

• Progress Pictures – Along with logging your food and workouts, add daily progress pictures to your profile.

• Nutrition Graphs – Watch your calories, macros, and nutrients over time to notice weight loss trends.

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